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Why Should You Work With Dave and Brent?

Working with David and Brent Sawler couldn’t be easier.  We go “all out” to find you the home you’re looking for.

    • We assist the buyer to obtain the best possible rate for financing.
    • Discuss the current market conditions.
    • Point out critical issues, physical and neighborhood stigma.
    • Assist the buyer with filling out of the “Buyer Needs Profiling”.
      • Buyer Needs Profiling – details of the house that meets the needs and wants of the buyer.
      • Enter the buyer needs profile in our search engine which selects from the new daily listings the houses that meet the criteria that the buyer is looking for which will then be emailed to the buyer.
      • “Instant, Fast, and Effective.”
    • We will represent the buyer as a buyer’s agent in a search for a house.
    • Arrangement of a schedule for house hunting.
    • Once a home that suits the buyer’s needs is found, a comparative market analysis is done which compares the asking price to the final sale price of similar houses in the area.
  • Prepare an Agreement of Purchase and Sale including all schedules.
    • Negotiate offers on your behalf to obtain the best possible results. Upon the acceptance, we follow through on all details to bring the transaction to a successful conclusion.
    • Our experience and expertise of local market experience will be put to work for you!
    • We work at meeting all conditions of the offer:

-Letter of financing

-Choosing a home inspector / getting home inspection completed

-If applicable: completing the water tests.

-If applicable: providing assistance to get information on well, septic tank, and septic field.

-We will assist the buyer on final inspection day to ensure a smooth transition to their new property.

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